Valentine’s Day…Again? Haven’t I Already Done It All?

i feel a kissI’ve given Flowers, Shari’s Berries, chocolates, stuffed animals, cute jammies, suggestive tee-shirts, cute tee-shirts, lollipops, lovey, dovey heart-shaped cards, funny cards, sexy cards, I’ve sung a song, I’ve written poems and I’ve even written a little book.

I’ve baked cakes, I’ve made brownies, I bought sugar cookies and I even made heart-shaped fudge once! I’ve done coupons for a back rub, coupons for a foot rub and coupons for…well, for none of your business…yet here I am, again, without one stinking idea left on how to make this Valentines day…ya know, “special.”

And then…it happened. Someone just had to remind me that there is still one thing I haven’t done in a long time. Dress up. No, no, no…not like “that!” The last time I wore a head-to-toe leather cat woman outfit, I stuck to the seat in my car. (Tip…DO NOT wear anything leather in Phoenix in a 115 degree weather!) No, this time around we’re talking about something a little more normal. Something where I could find Valentine’s Day costumes for me!

Something that a wife of almost 19 years and the mother of six kids could wear and not look like…well…like I’ve had six kids!

After all, as much as I may want to be, I’m not 21 years old anymore and while I may not look like Megan Fox duvintage valentinering a wardrobe change, I certainly don’t look like Roseanne either!

It’s time for me to remember that costumes are not just for kids at Halloween anymore. As a friend of mine just reminded me, being older does not mean I’ll look ridiculous or even slutty.

Even though last I heard husbands still like that, no matter how thin, or not thin, their wives may be.

And as was shown to me from an article on The Daily Beast, we ladies should feel free to wear whatever we want! (As long as we don’t scare our kids or the neighborhood.)

Remember, this little holiday is about you and your honey, not about you and your mirror.

Which I tend to think are all evil anyway.

So throw away the fear and shyness, I say! Pull out that Bo Peep shepard’s hook! You are still one hot mama!

And just to reassure myself that dress up is still something couples like to do on Valentine’s Day, I went and re-read an article on Yahoo reminding me that Mickey and Minnie Mouse are still hot…and they’re older than me!

Though I’m stipolice departmentll wondering if doing a Matadore and a bull would okay this time as long as Mr. Madhouse doesn’t try to convince the kids that milking a bull makes for good, clean family fun.

So do yourselves a favor ladies…if you still think you’ve done it all for your man for that special day, think again. You may have forgotten about that Lady SWAT costumeΒ  in your closet from 1997 that just…may…work.

Which reminds me…when does the dry cleaner’s close again?

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33 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day…Again? Haven’t I Already Done It All?

  1. I Think Valentines Day Is For Couples I Been Single But Have Spoiled My Girlfriends With Nothing But The Best On This Special Day And Plan On In The future Definately A Great Day For Any Couple Thanks.

  2. We’ve done not so much for the past five years or so and made it all about the kids—If I could just find someone crazy enough to take them over night –THAT would be a HUGE gift in my Hubby’s book =D

  3. Personally I tire of the standard gifts. Now, my husband hasn’t gotten me a single thing for Valentine’s Day in the last 3 years. BUT, should we decide to start up again with gifts, I think it’ll be more like birthday gifts where we just get something personal to that individual we really think they would enjoy and benefit from. We have a 17-month-old son, and no support system for babysitting here. So our idea of Valentine’s Day last year, and this year, is two of our favorite pizzas from Panago pizza, and a movie at home with our adorable son :). Oh, I do ALWAYS dress up though, FYI ;)!

  4. I liked the comment …

    “Even though last I heard husbands still like that, no matter how thin, or not thin, their wives may be.”

    It isn’t so much about how good the costumes are, or how anyone looks in them. the reason we men “like that” has more to do with the degree of commitment you both have to infusing some fun into each others life … if only for one day. We all like to let our inner child out to play once in a while!

  5. Valentine’s Day is a moment for lovers- but even single can enjoy it – how ? maybe by dating his/her family or friends that have the same situation like him/her.

  6. My guy sells comics and would love for me to dress as Princess Leia or Wonder Woman. I am not quite there but would consider some version of Lara Croft.

  7. My husband and I have never really done anything for Valentine’s Day. This year we are going out to a charity dessert night. We get a nice night out with yummy sweets and the ticket money goes to a good cause. Maybe this will start a tradition.

  8. 1. I just got back from the Phoenix area (Tempe and Chandler, two days) and never saw 65*, much less 70, 80 or 115! False advertising if you ask me. πŸ˜‰

    2. My dear hubby’s birthday is 2/13. We mutually declared Valentine’s Day a no-go from the get-go and I’m so glad! I love him to bits every day (yes, I see you gagging yourself with a spoon). I’m kind of glad I’m off the hook on that one.

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