The Crowed Tub And Other Stuff In My Bathroom…

bathLike other peoples kids…and their pets…and their laundry…

This is truly a tragic story, as most of mine tend to be, but this time we have a bonus.

I…the Mad Mom, am combining this story with my very first product review.

Why is it my first?

Because I’m lazy, but the folks over at The Crowed Tub were pretty convincing.

And they had to be considering that their products are all natural/greeny stuff and I am the furthest thing from a greeny type mom ever to walk the planet.

I’m serious. Anything with the word “green” in it usually turns me green, but after chatting with the owners, Ben and his partner, about their bath products for kids I thought, “This stuff sounds alright,” and since they provided me their products for free, I went for it.

Because I’m all about free…

And luckily when the package arrived three days later, it was with perfect timing because within two hours of receiving my goodies, I was pulling everything out and washing half the neighborhood.kid in tub

And their laundry too.

( I’d like to offer some unsolicited advise…never, EVER leave the water running in the bathtub to spray your dog down and then leave the bathroom to break up a Cain and Abel type fight between your older children. Especially when the younger children are running around the house unsupervised when other people’s children are over.)

Even more so when that company brings their hamsters with them.

Along with the hamsters wardrobe.

Suffice it to say that by the time I got back in the bathroom to dump our dog in the water, children number five and six had already jumped in, still fully clothed, along with the neighborhood kids, both of their hamsters, (all of them fully clothed,) and our dog.

Whom theivory soapy had first let roll around in the dirt outside before they took this community bath.

And before I could start my tantrum wondering how I’d get everyone cleaned up before I had to start dinner and the neighborhood parents started looking for their kids, I suddenly remembered something…

I had a box of bath stuff!

So I grabbed one of the kids toothbrushes to rip apart the tape and started pulling out my prizes.

Two all natural washcloths along with all natural and organic body products, (ya know, shampoo, soap, blah blah blah) and boy oh boy! More bath toys! The eco-friendly, non-toxic type.

The stuff I usually make fun of…

This was gonna be great!

I realized I could use the free products and not any of my stuff on the visitors and their pets.

Little did I realize that these products were the good stuff!bathroom

The kids actually liked this all natural smelling stuff! They even fought over the toys before using the sponges and soap on the dog and hamsters!

And before I knew it, all of the kids, the animals and their clothing, (for the kids and those hand pooping rodents,) were shiny clean.

Now, to be honest…my daughter wasn’t a  fan of the way the shampoo smelled, but I and the other kids liked it.

My son thought the soap smelled like his brothers breath each morning, but I found it sort of easy on the senses and my daughter told my son that obviously his nostrils stopped working again since she thought it smelled like oatmeal cookies.

Regardless of what anything smelled like, these organic body products were a pleasant surprise and I found that I was actually a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a free box of stuff for me.

And then I recalled that Ben told me they’re already working on products for the mommies and all drythe daddies.

Looks like I’ve become a tree hugging fan of The Crowded Tub and their all natural products after all.

So head over to their site and you’ll see that for a very reasonable monthly fee, not any more than you’d pay for your kids regular bath stuff, you’ll receive a new package each month of all of their goodies.

And tell them “hi” from me!  :)

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