Mom…I Don’t Want My ***** To Fell Off

And here she is…the four year old.

Well,  she just turned five. Watch till the end to see what she doesn’t want to “fell” off as she does her tap dance to Big Band And Swing In a Laundry Basket

Does this still qualify as Wordless Wednesday?

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52 thoughts on “Mom…I Don’t Want My ***** To Fell Off

  1. OMG!!! I am laughing so hard I might have peed on myself!! Love, love, love how she held onto her boobs the whole time!! This is precious and must be saved for her wedding!!

  2. Girls… This remind me of my youngest princes, started as a kid and do it all the time: make up, hair styling…. Use the bathroom more than her mother and other two sisters, lol

  3. This is as cute as cute can be. The fact that she did the whole routine while standing inside a basket makes if all that much funner.

  4. Oh, wow, I think this is my favorite blog post EVER! Anywhere!

    This is just priceless. The gown, the crown and, why was she dancing in the laundry basket? You have to show this to her future boyfriends. Ex-cellent blackmail material. ; )

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